Creating Our Afterlives

Its always the big question.  Where will I go when I die?

Well, what if I told you that you will go to where ever you have prepared for yourself!  How interesting would that be.  Go ahead, ask yourself “where am I going?”  Doesn’t that kind of change your thoughts of the afterlife?  Follow with me here…..

Is Heaven real?  I suppose it is, yes.  Now think of your heaven, ask someone about their heaven.  Chances are there will be very clear differences.  Chance are you will catch yourself hoping your heaven will be this, or that it will be that.  Well, congratulations, your heaven will have all of those things, and whatever else you add to it before you come to the end of this life. Before our old friend meets you in the darkness…

Let me guess, your next question is in reference to Hell.  Am I right?  Is that place real too?  It totally is, but it too is like Heaven.  It too is all that you make it.  So be careful with your imagination with that one.  Imagine the torturous things you’ll do to yourself before you incarnate again.  Or actually DON’T!!!  Remember that if you imagine it, you create it, you manifest it into your individual afterlife.  Just as you manifest things into the conscious reality of life.

How can we prevent these thought patterns, how can I create a positive, happy afterlife for ourselves?  For starters, recognize that this is not the end, but a transitional period between lives.  It is also important to remember that we will wait for our loved ones, so we can all stay together.  (We do tend to spend our time with our loved ones, only switching roles to have new experiences, and lessons.)  And believe it or not, we all know the exact moment we need to return in order for all the right connections to be made, so we can learn what we need in that lifetime.  We always know the things we need to work on, sometimes we just don’t accept them in those individual lives, sometimes we can be so stubborn, or brainwashed that it taken many lifetimes to be aware of the lessons we are setting up for ourselves.

Knowing that within the time after death and before reincarnation we spent that time where ever we want to.  Whether it be heaven, hell, or somewhere else.  Somewhere else like with the loved ones we physically leave behind, or from an over head position of perspective in a observatory state, occasionally stepping in when seen fit.  Of course there are other place we can go too, adventuring the spiritual, or astral plane for instance…

I guess the real question to ask yourself is…


Life is too beautiful to end with the misconception that death is the absolute end of life.  Death is a wondrous adventure that we each have the opportunity to experience.  Its not a position you can apply for, nor one you can avoid.  It is inevitable.  It is yet another perfectly natural cycle that Mother Earth teaches us every single day.  Yet another way she shows us how we are each exactly the same.

The Afterlife you want is available to you, all you need to do is create that for yourself, and release the fear that you’re wrong…


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