About Me

My name is Aliesha and I am a stay at home, work from home mom.

Motherhood and the work I do are my passions.


I am a Rising in Pisces, Solar Virgo, with a Pisces Moon!  I very much enjoy connecting with other intense, sensitive and imaginative souls like my own! If you have the goods in a conversation you will have me talking for hours!

I am a Professional Astrologer, Energy Worker, Psychic Intuitve and Timeline Healer. I specializes in conscious parenting and breaking down generational traumas. Connected with spirit I bring messages of love and healing. I also am a Postpartum and Breastfeeding Doula,  and assist mothers with breastfeeding and in the over all 4th trimester period. 

With my roots in parenting and breastfeeding I found a way to combine them with my passions of spirituality and soul awareness. It was through motherhood that I found awakening, self love, healing and my own personal truths. All of which I hope to guide my clients to. Since then I have brought focus to opening the awareness and intuitive gifts of my clients, as well as deepening the connections they have with their children through the healing of their own childhood wounds.

I practice a pretty balanced mix of conscious / free range parenting.  One of my goal is to bring parents closer to their children on a conscious, intuitive level, while healing and releasing years of generational trauma within their own timelines.  

I have 4 beautiful children!  My son, Zeffee, has phased over for a higher calling.  No worries he is still with us, as one of his sister Venna’s guides.  Venna is my wildest child, she keeps me on my toes for sure and is wise beyond her years.  Nova, my little healer bringing awareness and triggering all the pieces I have yet to heal. I co-parent the girls with their father and while it was rocky at first our determination to give them the very best has brought us the awareness we need to work together as a team in a while new way.

The newest little Fox is on his way, due at the end of June. His father, sisters and I are very excited to welcome him earth side. 

What can I say, mothering just run strong in my vigro/pisces heart.

I am also a bearded dragon momma, and crazy cat lady and also co-parent a cute little kitty named Milk.  I connect deeply with spiders and the wisdom they carry. I would say they are one of my most prominent spirit animal guides.

All in all I’m just a spiritual mom with enough love to nurture everyone and bring out the best them they can be. A homeschool “unschooling” mom who is allowing my children to grow and evolve as their being is called to to do so…in whatever direction they chose, given they are safe.

I am a very passionate breastfeeding advocate, and take pride in how many women I have helped to nurse their babies for any amount of time. I enjoy taking the holistical approach. To just about everything. I seek the natural ways and try to avoid the chemicals and synthetic filled nonsense that our society is filled with these days. 


I am growing within myself, healing and moving forward with each new day. Never perfect but always striving to be the best version of myself that I can be.