Messages in Death; The Blackbird

The other morning one of our feline friends brought us a lovely gift through the doggy door.  A black bird.  My husband found it when he was getting ready for work. I thought about it very little in that moment, we he woke me up to have a laugh about it.  Still snug in bed, I just pulled the cover back up and went back to sleep.  Today one of our cats brought in another gift.  Another black bird.  

He is quite a beauty before this body expired.  It was then that I realized I had not been acknowledging my messages, and therefore missing them.

As many of you know I have a strong respect for death, an understand, I guess you could say. When we come across dead things take a moment to reflect back into your life.  Death often represents a transition, or cycles. So then you can ask yourself, “what have I endured and overcome?” It is very likely that you are continuing to live under terms that are no longer associated with you.

We grow, and learn, then we are meant to move forward. Living in the world today, many natural laws have been swept under the rug and we are no longer connected in such a way that our energies can be expelled, that our energies can flow freely through us and the world/universe around us. It is important for us to look at death as a transitional period as we enter new cycles of our life. Encouragement and a sense of peace and comfort meant to remind us that it is okay to leave things behind. It is okay to let go and go where you need to be.

So as I sat thinking about death and what is associated with it, I began to wonder about the black bird. Two black birds? In just a few days time, what are the chances of that? I took this to be another sign from my guides. And what do I know about black birds…. 

• Big changes coming

• Spiritual/Emotional Awakenings

• Intuition & Psychic Abilities

The biggest messages I have been receiving have been reminding me to live in the present. Cycles are ending, someone is going to need me soon and I need to recongize that things are not the same. I need to adjust my mind set and thought process to be better equipped for the new adventures to come. 

These birds, their death and them finding their way to me have all had meaning. Significant meaning if you are familiar with my life.  I intuitively knew that the birds themselves and their deaths had individual meaning for me.  I needed to break them down separately to gain the knowledge that was meant to reach me. 

We all receive messages and advice just like this every single day from our spirit guides and gaurdians. Sometimes they appear as animals and insects, other times in our dreams or strangers on the street.  They are literally all around us and the majority of the time we are completely oblivious to them.  At which point things begin to kind of go crazy.  Maybe in your relationships or at work.  Maybe you have constant car trouble or you have issues paying your bills.  We we are not on the correct path our lives get chaotic.  We we begin to hear and see more clearly things start to go more smoothly.  Why?  Because you are moving in the right direction, you are taking that direction, that advice and progressing, not stuck in a toxic or stagnant state of being. 

Be open to the messages that are coming to you.  Listen and watch for the answers you seek.  I promise there are out there waiting to be acknowledged, personalized, just for you and your journey.  

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