Hi there! Are you looking to begin your Dreadlock journey? If so, please sit with me for a moment while I share a few awesome beginners tips, as well as care methods.

• Firstly, clean hair locks up easier and faster than dirty hair, so you want to be sure your hair is properly cleaned with a non residue shampoo. Following installation you will want to continue with a non residue shampoo once or twice a week, depending on how much you sweat or the environments you work in. After washes leave time for your hair to get completely dry or your a blow drier on low heat.

• There is no wrong way to begin your journey. There are many methods and options all of which are left to completely up to you to decide. This jounrybalso does not have to end with shaving your head. You can comb out without damaging your hair, though it can be timely, it is possible.

• Products like wax and gels are simply not needed in caring for your locks. These things can actually cause build up on your locks which can lead to mildew and mold. Doing monthly baking soda cleanses and regular apple cider vinegar rinses can lower and remove any existing build up.

• There is such thing as too much maintenance! Over maintaining your hair can be damaging to your hair, as well as counter productive to the locking process. Allowing your hair to learn to lock is the fastest way to naturally mature locks. I suggest maintenance once a year, every 6 months at the maximum.

Wearing  locks is an experience all on its own. There are many lessons through the process and it can become quite the healing experience. One can becoming closer to self and show an entirely knew form of confidence. There is patience and gratitude to be found in wearing locks.

Each individuals experience is unique to them and that is what makes this journey so beautiful. The testimonies through the Dreadlock Experience resonate deeply with me and each of them is as touching as the one before it.


The entire experience is meant to be a spiritual and potentially healing experience, depending on the willingness to grow from the client. You will feel the release though regardless what you choose to do with it.

Maintenance Sessions; Cleansing the hair and removing any energies that have served their purpose or simply do not belong. ☆This can actually make the locks feel physically lighter.

The cleansing will open the crown partially and will likely even activate the third eye for those who have blockages below, giving them a clearer view of vision and connection to the divine, with which they are meant to hold inwardly for a self healing journey through the energetic system.

(Those openings and activations will close faster and return to your normal if you do not begin to do the inner work to open and clear the lower chakras with this temporary “sight and knowing”. )

For those who are open, and receptive they will likely recieve a boost in intuitive abilities, deeper connection to source, new activations and increase information downloads.

Installations will bring the same benefits of partial crown opening amd third eye activations. Also with installations there is opportunity to set intentions through the process and experience.