What is Conscious Parenting to me?

To me conscious parenting is removing the authority from parenthood. We don’t own them, nor can we control them. They are their own people and deserve the same respect in their own path. And as children their path and purpose is to simply be a child. No expectations.

Realizing we are caring for and guiding individual people, not just children. Taking time to meet the needs whether they be mental, physical or emotional. Being conscious in how we respond and acknowledging that sometimes we will have to apologize when we react.

Being a conscious parent for me is allowing your children to grow and evolve outside of our own comfort zones and self limitations, to trust in their journey.

To listen and allow them to make choices for themselves while being a safe space to fall back on without criticism or judgment when things don’t workout.

Allowing them to do things that we wouldn’t do or maybe don’t agree with, but with in safe limits because we are parents and we a meant to protect them. Most of all we we meant to protect the innocence of their childhood.

Talking to them, being honest, being calm, kind and finding understanding in them on all accounts.

Also to be conscious of self, where triggers come from and learning to move that energy and find healing in those experiences and situations. Inner child work..

I’m not the best, I won’t pretend to be. I make mistakes, I am human, but everyday I grow within motherhood. Grow through the experiences I am having now and those I had what seems like a lifetime ago. Everyday I heal the child within a little more and I am able to show up for my girls in more conscious of ways.

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