Days of the Week

Saturday; Ruled by Saturn

Saturday is ruled by Saturn.

Saturn recieved its named from the Roman God of agriculture and harvest.

Saturn is often associated with suffering, limitations and restrictions, but teaches us about self control, boundaries, and our responsibilities. All very important when we are looking for success in life, which Saturday natives typically are. The primary role of Saturn to us is a teacher.

Saturn represents the history in all things, the traditions carried on through generations and old age. Saturn is also responsible for the lessons and cycles throughout our lives.

• Monday is Moon Day

• Tuesday is Mars Day

• Wednesday is Mercury Day

• Thursday is Jupiter Day

• Friday is Venus Day

• Saturday is Saturn Day

Saturday is stern but brings a very productive energy. It is a great day for cleaning and reorganizing the house, doing homework or handling personal matters in the home.

Saturn helps to balance and ground ourselves so that we have optimal use of our time and energy. This also allows us to approach our responsibilities with less stress and more clarity of thought. Saturn likes organization, so planning is important in order to achieve our goals.

If you want to honor Saturn on Saturdays in the best ways try tackling one the big tasks that you have been putting off and do things to prepared you for the week to come.

Saturday is considered lucky for


Fun Facts

People born on Saturdays are born under the strict thumb of Saturn. These are very determined people who as times end up struggling throughout their lives.

Saturday born people are hardworking, slow and steady. They are straight forward and strict with their time. They become very adamant about things that they want. They are all or nothing.

These people are mature and professional in just about every setting. They are very career driven and many times work becomes like a marriage to them. These are your workaholics.

Saturday natives can be quite shy when it comes to relationships. They have a lot of love to share but also enjoy their independence. So they seek partners who are naturally independent as well. Truth and transparency are key in thier relationships, otherwise there may be feelings to arise of jealousy and doubt for those born on Saturday.

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