Cosleeping & Bedsharing

There is always a lot of talk about bedsharing and cosleeping and whether or not we should be doing it. Well, if you look back through history we, as a species have grown up snuggled up next to our mothers. It is shown to be a biological norm and the benefits are very real.

Cosleeping often is either bedsharing or room sharing. This can look different for each family as well. Maybe you have baby sleeping very close by in a bassinet at bedside or with the crib side carred to the bed, perhaps you use a portable sleeper directly in bed with you, or baby snuggles in close right in bed. It really depends on the comfort levels of the parents as to which they choose. All are beneficial and help to manage the sleep, mental and emotional health of mom and dad, as well as the growth and well being of the baby.

It also is so wonderful for nursing moms. Bedsharing especially so, because it allows baby to nurse throughout the night without fully waking for feeds or having to cry for too long to have their needs met.

It is beneficial for both parents in staying involved and connected to baby. Dads can help with diaper changes and burping while mom focuses on feedings. It also comforts baby back to sleep much faster allowing both parents the rest they need and deserve as new parents.

Of course like with anything else there are exceptions and risks, however studies do show that when practiced safely the risks are lowered and almost nonexistent. So you should always follow your intuition and be conscious of your sleeping arrangements.

  • No bulky blankets or pillows around baby.
  • Use a light blanket, like a receiving blanket to cover baby.
  • Try swaddling them instead of covering.

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