Our Oldest Friend

Death, that word so many are afraid of… 

In life we face many trials and obstacles.  The lesson we need to move on to our next cycle.  The experience we need to even process that we are entering a new cycle.  And then there is the “end”.

Death, the abrupt ending of our lives? Or our oldest friend with a bad reputation…  

Death isn’t an end, nor does it carry the negative characteristics we have placed with it.  Death is selfless, and unconditional.  It does not pick and choose, but simply waits patiently for just the right time.  The time you decide before birth, before conception.  Each life entered is a decision you make for yourself.  You know the lessons you need to progress.  Though, when you enter the transitional period of death you have a better understanding of where you were and were you must go than you do when you enter that individual life itself…. 

Our friend Death has been with us from the beginning. Always in each life, loyal to the core. He doesn’t hold us at fault for the things we have done, and even though each of our lives end differently, he takes us with arms open wide. In a way he is like our oldest spirit guide, always there to walk us into the light, to comfort us as we transition, as new cycles begin. 

I have a unique relationship with death, since early childhood, some of the first deaths I experience, I always experience peace.  I was able to see and feel these things at a young age, but I was never able to understand or talk about them.  Now I know, now I have a better understanding…

Example; When you walk into a funeral home full of grieving people, uncertain energies… it’s likely that you will fall in place as another saddened individual.  I’m the awkward laugher who feels the empty vessel everyone is crying over.  That was probably a bit harsh. It’s the gone feeling..  I realized at a young age that that person is not there.  They aren’t there in that body anymore.  Their colors are gone.  (When I say colors I’m speaking of their energy field, their aura.)  

The hardest part of death is the absences of that person, or the absence of their physical being.  Of course we all realize where their bodies have gone, or will go. Buried or cremation.  Part of accepting death, and not letting the grieving pull you down too much is accepting that this person is not what we see, they have merely detached from that vessel.  

And now you are asking.. “Where have they gone?”  Well to be put simply, they have gone where ever they wanted to go….

Onward to the Afterlife of Their Own Creation…… 

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