The Spiritual Path; Series Intro

When I look around at the world I know I do not see the things most others do. My visions are different, and perhaps my reality is as well. It is very often I feel I am here for purpose. That nothing is at random, we all have crossed paths for reason.

Now, here we are.  In connection. I see you, you see me. I welcome you to journey with us. Through our very existence, to the core of our being.  Travel through the darkness, into the light. Descend from the heavens, to the depth of hell. Across and endless ocean, and finally to your lone island of self.

It is in each of us, it surrounds us. It is us. We are ourselves, and we are each other.  Continuously growing, learning, advancing. We are but small examples of the many who are waking.  In this series we will be talking a walk down memory lane, a few of us will share our journey, and just how we came to be on this path to spiritual awakening, and universal enlightenment.

We are all growing, and evolving beings. Each of us with our own story, and our own purpose. I believe that with our stories, within our journeys, this is where others find pieces of themselves. This is where others become aware of themselves. With out crossing we share our wisdom’s, teach our lessons. We also receive wisdom’s, and learn lessons from others. This is why I feel called to do this series. For not only my own spiritual growth, but for as many as I can reach.

If you are interested in being featured in this series please contact me! I am looking for both female, and man journey perspectives. You can remain anonymous if you wish.  Series Launch Dec, 2017.


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