Chicken Mom


I’d like to say the best thing about chickens is the eggs, but I don’t think that would be true.  Not for me at least.  My chickens are like family dogs, or cats.  Most of them have names, the ones that don’t only don’t because they look just like another.  Really it’s just the barred rocks that I can’t tell apart.  Maybe you’ll meet them, and get a glimpse of their individual personalities.

Though the eggs aren’t the best part, I’d be lying to say they aren’t a nice perk, for sure. Free eggs.  And there is one that is delivered to my door every day.  Can’t beat that!  She is a sweet gentle hen momma. Huge too!!  She is a Cornish rock, a meat chicken.  I doubt we will ever eat her. Maybe her babies though… So far though, they are all pretty free range, they lay everywhere, I have to hunt for their nests. And, go figure they never lay in the same spots. Tricksters!

This My life. 

You will see me saying that a lot. Because I tell myself that a lot. Because I mean seriously how amazing is my life!! This is what Watson, and I have sent the past 6 years manifesting. This is our dreams happening, in the present. I’m very thankful!!


1 thought on “Chicken Mom”

  1. I love to hear you say you’re living your dream and that you’re thankful. I’m also living my dream and am so happy and thankful. I don’t fully know or understand my dream. I’m enjoying the process as things are revealed to me and as I and my dreams evolve.

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