Days of the Week

Friday; Ruled by Venus

Fridays are ruled by Venus.

Venus is the only planet in our solar system named after a female Goddess. Venus get its name from the Roman Goddess of love, sex and beauty.

While those are three great representations of Venus already, Venus also rules over money, fertility, our values, grace, those things we are sentimental about and our lifes pleasures. Venus is also associated with the heart chakra and the earth element.

Venus helps us to appreciate and love those around us, as well as a reminder for us to focus on what makes us happy within ourselves and in this life. Venus give us drive to figure out how we will acquire success and income in ways that honor the best parts of ourselves. The most loving parts.

Venus is where our beauty is found, as well as how we see the beauty in others. She is a reminder of our essence and sensuality, she is strong and feminine, gentle and nurturing.

• Monday is Moon Day

• Tuesday is Mars Day

• Wednesday is Mercury Day

• Thursday is Jupiter Day

• Friday is Venus Day

Fridays bring very creative, social and interactive energy. You will want to be around people, or have a date night with your special someone. You may want to get crafty or simply amplify all your best physical traits with fun and stylish accessories.

Fridays are great days to wrap up anything the week has left open. New projects may pop into your head as well. Go ahead a start them while all the creative thoughts and inspirations are flowing.

Over all today is a day to do you, relax and appreciate yourself. You want your vibrations to shoot up effortlessly, get yourself to your heart center. When you feel heart centered, bubbly, and unconditionally fully of love, go out and share that sparkle with everyone you come in contact with!

Friday is considered lucky for

Libra & Taurus

Fun Facts

If you were born on Friday you are likely a natural born peacemaker. You probably want and put energy into getting those closes to you to all get along and share love in the same ways you try to with them.

It may even have been said that you are seductive with your words and body language, that you are too nice or love too easily, deeply or are just “too much” in general.

Love and deep connection are important to you, especially with family and close friends. Career is also important though. You take great pride in your work, especially if it is something that brings you happiness or that you are passionate about.

You appear self-confident to others and are typically very straight forward, honest and generous. You may also be a bit vuglar at times, and take a lot of pleasure in pleasing and impressing others with who they think you are when are younger.

You grow humble with age though, because in youth it is likely that you tried to “have it all” and could potentially have lost it all, so your appreciation for the people in your life has grown, as well as the integrity in your career.

Friday born natives seek abundance, but are not too good to work for it.

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