Days of the Week

Thursday: ruled by Jupiter

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter means ‘supreme God’, and is named after the King of Roman Gods. The God of the skies and thunder. The Greeks also named this planet after their God, Zeus.

Jupiter is the largest of the planets and is said to be the most powerful as well, hints its great name choice.

Jupiter is associated with optimism, abundance, expansion, luck, knowledge and our spiritual gifts. It is of the fire element and solar plexus chakra.

Jupiter guards over the abstract mind somewhere bewteen reality and dream, connecting the two it creates the ultimate manifestating environment. Jupiter encourages us to seek higher knowing, both educationally and spiritually. Ultimately Jupiter is rooting for success across the board, especially for its natives.

Jupiter also governs over religion and philosophy, as well as sports and other physical activities. Jupiter brings lots of energy to get up and excel at whatever is in front of you, using all your skills and abilities.

• Monday is Moon Day

• Tuesday is Mars Day

• Wednesday is Mercury Day

• Thursday is Jupiter Day

Thursdays are great days for doing activities that require lots of attention to detail. It is also a great shopping days, as our minds are set to a higher understanding and we can see through the materialistic nature of things more clearly. Makes decision making 10x easier!

If you own a business today is a wonderful day to balance out any work loads, schedule meetings and create content to attract your target market. The effort you put in Jupiter will return to you.

Thursdays are also great personal power days. Working with the solar plexes along with Jupiter is very beneficial on Thursdays, especially for those with low self-esteem or that struggle to stand in their power and authenticity.

Thursdays are epic multitasking days and you are likely to notice a hightening of all your intuitive abilities. Trust your intuition on Thursdays, Jupiter will not lead you wrong!

Thursdays are considered lucky for

Sagittarius & Pisces

Fun facts

People born on Thursday make wonderful friends and listeners.

Unfortunately those born on Thursday can also be a bit conceited and self abosorbed, when it comes to things they care about. (These are sign of an over active solar plexes)

Those born on Jupiter day are influenced by 9th and 12th houses. These houses are based around higher or extended knowledge and education, as well as spiritual expansion and liberation.

If you were born on Thursday you likely very generous and understanding, find growth within self when traveling, and enjoy challenging beliefs systems and cultural norms.

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