Days of the Week

Wednesday; Ruled by Mercury

Wednesdays are ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is named after the Greek messenger of God and was also the God of travelers. This planet represents the mind, communication, understanding and thought process.

Mercury also rules over the voice of a person, as well as the air element. Mercury can be associated with intelligence, education, acquiring knowledge, profession, humor, expression and spontaneity.

•Monday is Moon day

•Tuesday is Mars day

•Wednesday is Mercury day

Typically it is Wednesday that everyone gets a handle on things for the week. Monday and Tuesday were lighting a fire underneath, now that it is burning steady you are in a better mindset to do everything you still havent done for the week.

Like I have said previously, Mars has that energetic speediness that can cause us to miss the fine details. Mercury is here to make sure you see it all, even if you dont really want to.Wednesdays encourage you to dig deeper, and to find more understanding.

It is a wonderul day to plan events, meetings and such for work. Over all this is a perfect brainstorming day!Wednesday are about the power of your mind and how well you can control it.

The energy of Mercury points us in all the directions we have not been paying attention to so we can find new perspective and insights there.

Wednesdays Goals; Today is a day of self truth, and your expression is essential. Socializing, and traveling will be pleasant today as well.

Wednesdays energy is about knowing that everything you are currently doing is in alignment with who are and who you wish to become. If it isnt using today as a plateform for analyzing and reconfiguring your plans and goals to further support you will be beneficial in the long run.

Wednesdays are considered lucky for

Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius

Fun facts

Those born on Wednesday are very curious, always asking questions and trying to create solutions for nearly everything. These are highly communicative people who enjoy interacting with just about anyone, ad they try to find understanding for a world outside of themselves.

Like a chameleon those born on Wednesday are able to blend into many different groups of people. This gives them a distinct advantage in learning the characteristics and ways of those around them. Mercury natives are calm and compassionate, as they seek the hidden secrets of the world around them.

If you have a good amount of Virgo or Gemini in your chart you are heavily influenced by Mercury. This is also true for those who have lots of action in the 3rd and 6th houses.

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