Days of the Week

Tuesday; Ruled by Mars

Tuesdays are ruled by Mars.

Mars, named after the Roman God of War represents the beginning of life, the first chakra, masculinity, high energy, movement, action, freedom, struggle and war.

Mars is animalistic by nature, but seeks primarily to resolve conflict and to advance in every aspect of life. Mars is a warrior, boundaries are meant to be broken and set again. Always moving foward!

Mondays are ruled by the Moon. Both yesterday and today the moon is in the energetic Aries, which is governed by Mars. The Aries moon is encouraging us to get a move on and to look at things with a bit of perspective rather than rushing and overlooking the fine details of the day, as Aries can be a bit speedy.

Today Mars is sticking with us, standing behind us again making sure we stay productive and determined within ourselves and with our goals.

This is a wonderful day to take care of anything that has been piling up or that you have been procrastinating.

Mars may bring up some serious aspects of desire today too, so it is also a great day to begin something new! There may even be a chance that you will catch yourself being a bit impulsive, with a heightened sexual appetite.

Tuesdays bring courage, that means you should take a chance and accept any challenge that comes your way! Goals for Tuesdays would include getting everything as organized as possible both in business and pleasure. Spend some time doing things you enjoy!! Eat a homecooked meal full of yummy veggies and enjoy this blessed day of Mars!

Tuesdays are considered lucky for
Aries, Scorpio & Aquarius.

Fun Facts

Those born on Tuesday are highly influenced by our neighboring red planet, even if they dont have significant Mars influences like strong Aries and Scorpio placements or heavy 1st and 8th house action.

If you were born on Tuesday you may be very strong willed and a born leader, both in career and in your private life. You’re likely pretty conscious about the lifestyle you lead, your diet and the way you treat others. You are very goal oriented and supportive of the goals of others as well.

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