Days of the Week

Monday; Ruled by The Moon

Monday is ruled by the Moon.

The Moon was named Luna by the Romans and Selene by the Greeks. The word moon is said to be deprived fron the Proto-Indo-European word menses which translates to month, or moon.

Being closest to the earth, the moon has the strongest influence over earth and her inhabitants.

The Moon represents our emotions and inner self, as well as our subconscious mind, the way we react and our basic habits.

We begin to learn about our emotions beteen ages 3 and 7. What we take in shapes us. Our subconscious is filled and capped off around 7 and 8 years of age, this means that whatever has filled it will fuel us.

The way we handle our emotions can be traced back to this crucial time in childhood. The moon also represents the mother, or the most nurturing of the parents. How this parent nurtures their children will have a lot to do with the way they are able see, handle and embody their emotions and those of others.

The moon represents our inner most selves, our deepest secrets and how we handle things. There are some moon signs more sensitive than others. Some moons signs may be more reluctant to share, while with others it could be liberating for them to express more freely.

Depending on your moon sign you could be very sensitive to the emotions of others.

Water signs tend to be very spongy to surrounding energies and so they need to ground more often to regain control of their own.

Earth signs are natually more grounded emotionally, they may need to be more conscious of their emotions.

Fire signs will be a bit energized about anything that makes them feel.

Air signs are more likely to take the more logical approach.

• Monday is Moon Day

The moon is in Aries today, this brings a lot of energy to do something! To have fun and to take care of things.

You will perhaps even need to step outside of your emotions to process and find perspective. Not necessarily to be stand offish with how you feel but to remember not to be too impulsive or reactive when things hit your feels.

Monday is considered lucky for


Fun Facts

Those born on Mondays are highly sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. These people tend to fall in love very easily and very deeply without much thought of the practicality of the situation or relationship.

Monday born natives are natural mothers, whether they are mothers or not. Caring for family and friends simply brings joy to those born on Mondays, though these people must becareful not to be taken advantage of.

These are kind people, who are very sensitive and empathetic, they pick up on things with ease. They pay attention to detail and can be quite adaptable.

People born on Monday tend to hold up strong attachments to their mothers, women and domestic life. They tend to be highly influenced by women in general.

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