Pisces Leads; A journey of astrological evolution

Story of Virgo being led to her best self by the intuitive universal knowing of Pisces.

Pisces disrupts the foundations of her matrix. She will carry her through the cosmos of deep thought, and into daydreams with a sense of universal knowing though, if you allow. She has seen it all, she has felt it all and she knows which way to go. She leads with elegance for this is a journey she has traveled many times over.

Virgo with good intentions and nurturing innocence tends to over analyses and overthink with every step of the way. Fear and anxiety holding her captive in her own mind. There is constant criticism and knit picking of whether this is in fact the way. And it is loudest on the inside.

There is no easy way for Pisces to get through to Virgon to get her to trust in herself, see her power and take control. Still with unconditional ease and acceptance Pisces prevails on in lead.

Pisces knows eventually Virgo will progress into Libra and balance will be found. She will shift from practical to logical because she must remember that balance comes with the light and the darkness.

Clarity will bring like a bell in her logically balanced mind as she moves forward into Scorpio where she is to rebirth herself. It is a great transformation that liberates her. She has been in the depths and shed those skins. She shines her light forward with a new creative expression.

Now she is ready to adventure with Sagittarius where much is to be learned and many risks are be taken. She meets the wanderer within and loses fear of abandonment in her vulnerable escape. She has found her soul through a reckless endeavor.

Inevitably Capricorn will show her face, aged gracefully, full of wisdom she has been observing the generations before her with the eyes and ears of an elder all her life. Now she brings a sense of structure and security of self.

For she is blasting off into the future with Aquarius where things are not certain, but excitement flares. She connects in now with the speed of 5G without the harmful side effect because she is fighting for a better tomorrow.

A tomorrow where Pisces awaits in the unknown. Where she meets herself and finds oneness with all. Pisces has traveled this road many times before, guiding and showing us all the hidden doors.

Doors to love and unity within. Doors to truth of self and the universe she exists in. Doors to every other sign in the zodiac, for she has been there and she understands the journey of self most of all.


Sometimes the rainbow Pisces🐠fish struggles against the currents of her own oceans journey and getting lost in the stories of other is like getting lost at sea. When she decided to reconnects with her roots on land in the sun of Vigro she releases herself from those tales, the current calms and onward she moves.


Loving everyone she can in such an unconditional fashion that many fall victim of her enchantment and beauty. They see her for her wonder as if they are separate from Pisces. So with uncertainty and almost always unintentionally she captivates their minds with her essence. She only hopes that they find the scattered pieces of self she, Pisces has always been leaving behind along her way. Finding scattered pieces of Pieces like loves letters from another time leading to the doors that take them back home to themselves.

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