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Layers Of Libra

All my life there was a Libra going against the norms and breaking down the systems around me. Showing me freedoms I never imagined. Changing the way I was able to look at and meet with the world and energies around me.

For almost 10 years I have lived with a Libra moon, with all the love and affection you can imagine, as well as a self destrustion button always ready to be hit…. Moving from moon to sun, I found that you lose a bit of emotion and move into the passion, a center of the universe feel and a good amount of ego to protect them from becoming to weighted by the world. A Libra belongs with wind in thier wings.

For the last three years I have been growing with a little sun in Libra Goddess. My daughter, and she opened me up to recieve the magic that is within the essense of Libra.

The Libra comes with wisdom to share before ever having taken the first breath of air.

In my experience with my own little libra it is from that first breathe they present the fire that hides within the air and from then on they never stop guiding us through the transformational layers that are Libra.

My daughter has shown me where to find balance through emotion in an array of next level reactions, as well as loving, compassionate responses. She is an air, sun and moon and for me, I have seen how Libras are the undercover water and fire signs, grounding from the bouts of bellowing wind in the clouds above.

It is, in a sense like the atmosphere of the earth. There are layers, firstly rememeber we are talking about an air sign, so must rememeber that we have been off the ground from the start. A Libra gains balance from an overhead perspective, and through the earths magnetic field they find currents to ground their energy.

Layering Elements Of Libra


In this layer you find evaporation. Moisture rising up from the earth into the clouds. This is a place where emotion and intuition meet. A place where you find curiosity and discovery within the emotions, but with a new perspective. A new vantage point of and for healing.

This is a Libra of compassion, and experience that has turned to wisdom. One who has falling to the earth many times before, only to rise again under the immense pressure around you.


This layer is above the clouds, above all, and is the calm. This is where you find a balanced, centered Libra. A master of their reality. Where emotion and passion meet in a euphoric splender.

Here you will find a One who is successful and abundant. Not only in themselves and their own healing but in their careers and within the relationships they are in as well. They will get you off the ground, and show you the softness of surrender. They will teach you how to find balance within yourself and your field. They will also hold you steady as you learn to glide through the cosmos of love and lust.


The next layer will spice things up and blow balance right out of the milky way. Buring passion of fire! A layer of explosion, Libra living on the outside trying so hard to get in. Pushing through in a firey storm of danger and destruction.

Passion is not always presented in inviting ways. Be careful of the Libra who burns through your thoughts, for his fire may erupt in a uncertain fashion.

Libra is a healer of time and space.

From the point of conception, when their souls make the decision to incarnate they bring change to this world. In the most uncomfortable, yet completely effortless of ways they push us over ourselves into the pitfalling feels of a sky driving experience. The comfort in the uncomfort is that they never want to let you fall alone. They are loyal no matter the element they express.

Loyal to self, to belief, to their emotions, their passions and to anyone who is able to bring them balance in all their sporadic currents of flow.

Lessons of the Libra

Going deeper than balance, for with balance their must first come acceptance and trust. Acceptance of self and of the fact that one can only control and change that of which lies inside. Trusting in what is inside and the decisions that make them the best of themselves.

Deep inside the caring heart that lives in the chest of a Libra warrior you will find strings to the love that nurtures them. With these strings they will pull the universe into alignment to receieve the truth that is in union.

The divine feminine desperately seeking validation by one’s own masculinity. Searthing the world for something only they have the ability to create.

The Libra loves, and the loving energy of a Libra is one of the most magical elements they are able to express, whether they are in a balance mindset or engulfed in the flames of their own hell. A Libra is loyal to the love in their heart.

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