Water Consciousness

It’s no mistake that our brains are made of 95% water. For water is the ultimate reciever and carrier of information, and as humans our brains naturally crave information just like our body craves hydration.

A single drop of water can contain many terabytes of stored information, imaging the ancient knowledge that can collect in our brains after every glass of water our bodies processes. Imagine how much is hidden away within our bodies already!

This is yet another reason why we should be conscious and cautious of the water we are ingesting. There is knowledge in all water, but the way our bodies are able to process it will determine the way we receive it.

If the water you are drinking has been contaminated with toxins it is likely that those toxins will create blockages in your bodies natural sewage system as well as the energetic centers. This can manifest within your physical body or on emotional levels and is due to the fact that your body is trying to process things that are not meant to be in the body at all.

Detoxing regularly is recommendated.

So while it is important to be mindful of your water intake each day, it is also important to be aware of what is in the water you are drinking.

☆Question where your water comes from and how it benefits and supports a healthy you.

Water connects everything!! Every cell in your body is held together by tiny watery receptor cell membranes. Water holds memory and with that magical property these cell membranes are passing information through generations.

In many studies water has shown to be very reactive to emotion and thought. Whether it be a glass of water on a table or the membranes holding us together one thing stands to be fascinatingly true, water is not only the ultimate reciever, carrier and storage facility of information but also an amazing tool for setting intentions!

So while you sip your glass of water, thank the water for the information you are receiving from it, then set some intentions for how you plan to carry this information, this energy into your day.

Water is Consciousness!

Water is Life!!

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