Breakfast Pops

My oldest daughter has been begging me for two days to make these smoothie pops. So as I was making them this morning I thought I would share the yumminess with you guys!

These are one of Vennas summer favorites and I am thankful of that because it is practically the only way I can get her to eat most fruit. She does like just about any melon and cantaloupe….which are also great as ice pops. (wink wink)

On most occasions for a breakfast pop I use either yogurt or coconut/almond milk, sometimes with chia seed already in it with whatever fruit my heart calls to. I am confident in this yummy sweet snack being a great breakfast for me and my littles and I have the option to add oats and honey to, so not only is it yummy, it is also healthy!

If it is an afternoon pop I will use coconut water, blended of course with an assortment of yummy fruit.This fruit smoothie ice pop contains

•8 medium to large strawberries

•A cup of blueberries

•A handful of raspberries

•Half a cup of coconut almond milk

•And a half a cup of vanilla yogurt(optional)

☆Blend well

☆Pour into ice pop holders

☆Freeze & Enjoy

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