Shared Membranes Connect the Collective

Mothers share cell membranes with their children, they pass them during pregnancy. These membranes are receiving and carrying information. This is how mother and child have deep connections and can feel one another from birth, near or far.


This is how a mothers breasts will fill with milk before her infant wakes because her body receives the vibrational message sent by the shared membranes she has with her baby. This is the babies unspoken way of communicating that they are hungry and will wake soon. They are communicating on a quantum level, within the quantum field of awareness.

These membranes are how a mother always knows. They are able to keep a mother continuously connected to her children through the quantum field of consciousness, which connects everything!

These membranes also carry information from mother to child, information that happens to the mother, both before and during pregnancy, as well as at birth. If the mother had a traumatic pregnancy or birth experience that may be carried over within these membranes. This is also true with unhealed womb damage the mother experienced in utero from her own mother.

These membranes are not only connecting the mother and child, though they are very beneficial in infancy and early childhood, no these tiny, water receptors and like antanas to vibrations all through the universe.



Invisible energetic cords continuously connect mother and child, much like animals use the earths magnetic field as a map during migration, or during hunting for some species.

It was discovered that some birds have a certain protein called cryptochrome inside of their retinas. Within this cryptochrome there is quantum entanglement, and this is where even when far a part there is still contact.

Einstein was not a huge fan of this theory and referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.”


(Breastmilks is 88% water) 

So just as the water consciousness stores and carrys informations around the world, via rain, rivers and the ocean, the tiny cell membranes within our DNA makeup do the same within the bodies and too with all other membrane receivers. Our bodies electromagnetic energy signatures can be picked up by the cell membranes of others, of animals and they are also quite literally projected out into the universe.

These are pretty much our empath membranes.

And in my personal opinion everyone is an empath, some of us just choose to not allow our empathetic natures as a collective consciousness interfere with our decision making abilities as individual manifested energies.

These membranes do connect us all as humans, but also connects us to every other life form on the planet and out into the infinities of the universe. We are all pure consciousness, experiencing and trancending through the illusions of this physical plane. While we are here we will all continue to be incarnated with tiny cell membrane antanas within our DNA that have direct links to all that surrounds us.

It is fascinating to think about really! Scientists, more specifically Quantum Biologists are working hard to show us how Quantum Physics really is including everything. They are showing us how our emotions and thoughts can be conveyed through these antanas that we all have. They are also showing how the information we obsorb from our environments affects our DNA.

You see these membranes not only link us with our surroundings, but our surroundings can also have a direct impact on us, not only as individuals but as a species.

Healing through the traumas in our lives as women will change our DNA, this also changes the information passed through these membranes to our children. It changes our DNA when we heal! That is why I believe that it is one way we can trancend this human experience.

When we heal ourselves we heal the generations that will come after us. The cell membranes within the DNA we share with our children will not hold the same trauma and damage of those passed to us.

This does not mean there cannot still be healing with the children we have conceived and birthed beforehand. When we heal we heal our surroundings, it doesnt matter about age or location. We send out those healed vibration into our field and they are picked up by those around us. This means that when those heal vibrations are caught in the receptors of our children there will be a healing ripple effect. Our healing will bring healing, especially to those we keep close to us.

When we heal ourselves we heal as a collective, because we are all connected on both cellular and energetic levels.

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