Learning Self Through Experience

If you have become too lazy to read or listen then in what ways are you evolving past who you are?

When you look back one years time, do you see a different you? Or have you sat in place, decaying in the unsettling truth that life has gone on without you?

Life is to go on, surely, but if you make no effort to build upon the old, where is it going? There is use in what has passed, that is true but only so long as you use it with the purpose of growth. You do this by processing what has happened, including the emotions, learning from them, transmutting those energies and gaining perspective of the events.

The fact is, life is not always easy, nor is gaining passage through the vulnerable programmings that you can or can not do “this“, for whatever reasons. We have to remember that this life is ours as individuals and we cannot carry the fears and anxieties grown into our subconscious by other individuals too uncomfortable to accept and expand them. It doesnt matter who they are.

Acceptance of who we are in this very moment is the first advance to the people we have come here to be.

Trust in yourself, trust that you are exactly where you need to be for your lifes purpose right now and you will begin to release the expectations of self, that is when true self is allowed to channel through.

These bodies are vessels we inhabit temporarily, they are vehicles of trasmissoning between worlds. Our souls grow through physical contact and “reality”. Much like our human selves, our souls learning comes from experience. It is here that we are experiencing and expanding in knowledge and existence.

There is so much to be learned that is not physically available. Much of our growth is something that will only be experienced through change of action and reaction. Most of our growth cannot be witnessed by what is visibly and physically observed. Our lessons exists, for the most part in the mind.

Growth lies in the psyche of an individual. He/she then transfers the ways they have expanded their perceptions of themselves and of life to their own personal realities. How a person displays themselves can have a big say in the remaining pre programming that has not been shed. Who a person spends their time with can also say a lot about the nature of their programming.

For instance, if a person, we will call this person ‘A’, keeps the company of people who think badly of themselves, that they will always be poor, or that they will never find love, it is likely that ‘A’ will also believe those things to be true for themselves.

Keeping the company of those who believe that knowledge is power can be beneficial to everyone, especially if those people are generous with the knowledge that brings them power.

Its important that we share the knowledge we find, both in books and in self experience story telling. We grow as individuals, yes, but we also grow collectively. As one individual grows and expands they act like a ripple of a leaf that has fallen and hit the surface of a pond. The vibrations carry through and while expanding to what is known, or remembered through the consciousness that connects us all, new is also found and new memory is made. It expands outward, then it returns to the source.

You are always the source!

I like the ripple theroy because as those vibrations travel to the outside its remembers the jounrey and it is guided back to where it began again. If you watch closely it will continue to ripple in and out again. Knowledge of the outside begins on the inside. You cannot know passed what has already learned, but you can shatter those limits and expand or build on to what already exists. Those ripples will hit other objects, new vibrational patterns arise and new energetic memory is then passed back to the source, as well as to the rest of the pond.

Each generation pushes the boundaries and comforts of this world. They teach us that we do not know it all, in fact we know quite little. The newer generations are proving to be quite the little know it alls. Born geniuses and adventures, scientists and explorers.

Each year there are new discoveries, proving old facts to be merely myth of a time that has come and passed. Truths are limited by what we are consciously aware of. They are what have been experienced thus far. This is why it is so important to always keep an open mind, to always search for newer truths as we grow and always continue to learn for ourselves.

The newer generations are exploring and adventuring beyond the known limits of the human. They are awakening the earlier generations, who in themselves have been shaking the system for a while now, and with each soul brings a further awareness.

People are wanting to learn again, after being deprived of it for so long. Knowledge has been so limited until now. Now we have our technology to connect us. We have books of all kinds in the palms of our hands. We can have mentors from afar and a community for just about everything. Expansion has never been so easy!!

So why then do so many of us find excuses to never education ourselves further? Perhaps we do not acquire the tools and understanding to use it. Perhaps this lifetime was not to expand to those places because we have yet to learn lessons from before? It is no ones place to judge, because once we have all sat in those decayed spaces in waiting.

I have discuss in other posts how brutal our souls can be, it no mistake that it can place some of us just at that threshold of having certain informations or experiences to expand our consciousness. Those are the souls who spend their lives searching for proof of, well just about everything. They have the drive to learn, but lack the awareness to understand what the information they have truly means.

It goes to show that each person has their own truths. Everything means something else to another.

No one will ever see things the way their neighbor does. Each will have a different awareness of everyone and everything they connect with.

I for example, have reached a level of awareness that I do not feel the need question my existence or purpose here. I know that all the answers are inside of me, they will be played when I am in the place of understanding them. I do not need to rush or question my creation because I know that I am a creator myself.

There are many who have expanding beyond me, and when I connect with them I do not always have an understanding of their stories because I have yet to be a character in it. It is simply not my story or truth in this life. Though, as a Pisces rising I do love to adventure through the stories with them.

I use that as a superpower too. It is a way that am able to learn and gain awareness in this life. Simply getting lost in the stories of life! The stories of the spider, of the puffy clouds, in the eyes of a tired mother and the wild spirit of a child.

My mind wanders when I get these stories in my head and I am continuously reminded of the tiny device that can take me anywhere in the world with a few scrolls and clicks. I can learn about just about anything, with so many books at my fingertips.

I travel through time and space to the future, to the past, in the between and beyond the mental capacity of most human minds because I am always so curious to know and learn.

I would never have believed that to be true before listening to my best friend and business partner tell me that her device is grounding for her. She uses it to connect in with the earth, while also expanding through our atmosphere into the stars.

What’s funny is that these devices actually do the same too. We, in ways act as a grounding unit for them as well, in the sense that we initiate the signal response for the information we want or need.

We search for things via a search engine, the signal is grounded by us, and the information sent out to space to bounce around off the orbiting satellites and then brought back to us here on earth. (Do you remember the ripple I spoke of, this is another example of the same theory)

Vibrations are extremely powerful! Everything has a vibration, it is especially so for our thoughts and actions. What I mean is that if you are always emitting skeptical energetic vibrations, and never open and receptive ones, inevitably that is what will return to you. Even if they are available, you will not be at the conscious awareness to understand it. It will ripple right on over you and on to another who does.

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