Lessons in the Stars

With every step I take I am guided and gifted, whether it would appear that way or not. I know that all has purpose.

The universe sends me everything that I need in the exact moments I need them. Sometimes they do not look or feel like what I think is needed, but they set the stage for certain events to take place that need to happen in order for lessons to be learned. The lessons that lead me to my life’s purpose.

Each individual has a purpose in this life, the most important are the lessons we set up for ourselves before we incarnate. Lessons that being lifes ups and downs. They have purpose and those lessons lead us all to our destiny.

While not everything is planned, there are many things left up to fate, to challenge our life path and purposes.

Are we strong enough to grow through the unexpected tragedies the universe places us in?

Well, that’s up to us. The lessons we face build upon us, but how and what is built is, after all up to us. We have the choice to grow and to learn through the lessons we face, or to repeat them time and time again. Many times people live through the same lessons for many, many lifetimes, never progressing, repeating lives in the forms of another. A new perspective to show them the way, only to never find it for whatever reason.

In my personal opinion, when we choose to reenter a cycle that is not beneficial for us or our growth in this life, it is because the lessons were never learned to begin with. If the lessons are not learned it is hard for us to move forward because our existing knowledge of what is/has happened is still bound by the mindset that has not been allowed to expand. Most often this is because the environment we are surrounded with does not nourish those area that need attention for our growth.

It is true that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. It would be very hard to change your mindset if those around you have no care to do the same, nor the regard that you are seeking growth and expansion within yourself. Growth to those still stuck in a scarcity mindset can be terrifying.

Imagine watching your closest loved ones and friends out growing your company and pushing to the places you fantasize about being in. It could raise a few hairs if you arent consciously aware of yourself.

We each grow at our own pace for a divine reason, these lessons come at precise times. Growth is not always beautiful. It is hard and painful because for one, you do move forward at times while those around you stay behind. Of course that can also be reversed, where it is you who is lost in the darkness without a flashlight, watching the flickers of everyone else’s dance across the broad wastelands of the subconscious. Some of us bloom and blossom early because we are a part of the universal guidance system. We are here to push others to question, to want and to crave knowledge of self and the truths of our souls.

A part of my mission and the meaning of many of the lessons I have faced can be found in my work. I bring those into the work in ways that I can help other through places I have already been. I present and provide for my clients with a safe space to feel and to allow their emotions to flow.

I want everyone to attain the truth of themselves and the callings of their souls. It is important to me that everyone learn that healing and growth is not something they need to see a healer or psychic for. I want to connect them to their intuitive abilities. I want to show them that they can transform their life all on their own.

Growth is inevitable for each individual, it will happen regardless after so long, how and when are not always accessible in the sense of foresight, but what is known is that we all have and go through these life lessons. We all either growth through them, or they grow over us as we dig our holes of fear. Holes that we think keep us safe, but in all actuality only provide a place for everything to gather, and nothing to flow anywhere but in.

Dont bury yourself in a hole of fear because you dont know where to go or who to talk to. Dont allow yourself to put in a place where growth is not available because of the environment. Change the environment. Find places that makes you want to know more. That keep you questioning and progressing into the unknown. Most importantly, when the universe tests your strength and will power or seems to blantantly try to derail you from your goals and purpose dont back down! Don’t stop when it gets hard! Dont stop because you are hurting! It can be hard, this I know.

First you must move through the darkness that has been programmed. Expand your consciousness, grow closer to yourself. It is the answer to attaining whatever your life purpose here is.

Fortunately the universe has given us clues. They are not always clear to everyone, but there are some who dedicated their lives to studying and deciphering those things. It is an art of the human psyche, psychology in the stars. It is a truly self enlightening study. Not only have those people studied the stars all of their lives, they also created a writen language for it, so that the rest of us could understand the characteristics, traits and dynamics of each planet and any other celestial mark in our nights sky.

We call it Astrology, and it is a powerful tool that allows us to learn to understand ourselves, as well as to relate to those around us. We can use the study of the stars to gain knowledge and to find perspective.

It is ancient, a continuous cyclic formula of why we are here, who we are as unique individual life forms, and also giving us some direction of how we can achieve ultimate growth on this physical plane. It is only here in the physical that we can grow and expand in our universal consciousness. After all, we are the entire universe experiencing itself, expanding as we grow collectively as materialized beings.

This formula is kind of like our blueprint in the stars, our astrological DNA! Life forms here have been aligning with the stars long before we were here to observe them. The magic that is our universe never ceases to amazing and baffle those who take the time to simply look up. It is no coincidence that so many were taken by its magic and filled with the curiosity to explore its depths through relating the very foundations of this existence to it.

I am one of those curious enough to become entangled in the knowledge of the universe. I am happy that it is a part of the life I decided for myself here. Sure, I have had some hard times, but they have lead me to my purpose here. They lead me to my true self and my true path. They have lead me to a connection to source and most of all to myself.

You know what?

Yours too, no matter how hard, no matter how painful have lead you to you. That does not mean you will find that place in this life, or that you will achieve your purpose here, but one thing is true, you are and always have been lead to you and the lessons you needed, whether you realized it or not. You are placed in situations that are meant to teach you your lessons. These lessons are critical pieces to a much larger puzzle that is meant to place you exactly where you need to be so that you are able to find new perspective and percieve at higher capacities. And you planned it all yourself.

Some things are left to fate, things that you didnt plan because this life was not about those lessons. Each life brings focus to the mission of the soul in that particular lifetime alone, however when we enter it we are not aware of that. We can only percieve on levels that have been achieved in the previous lives. There are primary lessons and there are minor ones, the lessons could be the same in this new life, or it could be completely different, it all determines the progress you made before.

Your lessons could differ ever so slightly from life to life, or in other cases cycle the exact same lessons only from a new perspective. Than again, they could be perceivably different, given that you have advanced to new lessons that have yet to be met in any life. Either way, you planned your purpose and lessons then left the rest for the universe to fill in.

Reading that could be decieving, dont assume that because you planned it that you planned the perfect life for yourself, and that somehow the universe or any other life form has just been in your way the whole time. Our souls are brutal, they will go there! They know that we have to face certain situations in order to learn for ourselves and they will put us up against just about anything to get us there.

We are like babies learning to walk across a room full of toys for the very first time. We dont want anyone to see us fall and when they do we will surely panic in embarrassment. The real difference is that we sometimes lack the same enthusiasm that babies do to get up again when we fall down. It can be hard to know what we want in a place where everything is available but not always as easily obtainable, where as a baby does not have that awareness. They do, however, contain the curiosity of an Astrologer.

Do you hold that same curiosity?

Your soul has brought you here for a purpose, the universe is seeking expansion and you have been chosen to host a beautiful transformation! If you so choose to answer the call, I will be here to guide you through. I can provide you with your map, the blueprints of YOU! I also can teach you the amazingly beneficial techniques and practices that can bring you closer to your true self, presently in this life, in these moments.

The Universe is waiting, as well as myself and my partner, who also decided before this life that she would be a part of that early blooming, universal guidance system. Our paths have been set, and here we are dedicating our lives to the magic of the universe through Astrology. The magic that is you!

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