Distortion In Reality; I Am

Sometimes I wish the world would quiet. In silence I will hear the call.

But the world is in my head and I cannot calm the universe that I am experiencing within myself. I created this world, this existence. Now I’m trying to remerber why I did.

I look to the sky in the middle of the night and ask myself “where do I come from? Who made me if I made everything? Am I a creation of my own?”

Yes, I am! In this form at least.
I am not this physical being.
But I am all beings.

I get lost in the thoughts of Life.
I know Death, an old friend.
We meet often.
But it is Life that I’m continuously chasing.
To live. What is living? What is real?

I dream of magical lands of fancy. Darkness and all that will take you in the night. I dream of happiness and love. Of the pain that I hide. The fear that follows me.

I wake to a world of lasting anger, forever pain. It seems there are lessons to the experiences, happenings, and situations. One step forward for one is placing another in their tracks. It’s hard to see what you can’t have back.

I’ve lost much in the past of the living. Living presently to find tomorrow. Living in the future searching for the one, the day, the love and less pain. In the future of today, in tomorrow’s past.

Madness is reality. It’s lost to time and space. Lost to the memories in the eyes of every walking soul, who are the reflections of me.

A mirror in the sky, in the earth. A mirror in their eyes. Reality is mistaken. I made this life, this world. I made myself.

I am the lessons you are. I speak all truths from the lips of my neighbors, listen to hear the messages I scream from the lungs of the crying child..

Where am I again. It’s tilted, off center. I’m faded in the middle of the portals of the dimensions that divide me from the variations I am.

I am all. I am you. I made you, for me, for you, for conscious self awareness of both fate and free will. I made this place. I am this place. Leaves, trees, animals and all that lies between.

Reality is a daydream in the creation of you.

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