Woman; Return to Self

Wild and Fierce.
Yet, Soft and Tender.
The Power is thick as the blood that is expelled from her body.

Embracing the Beauty and Wisdom that she is called to, that she is allowed to experience.

She is Strong. She is Rising.


We are waking up to the natural beauty that we are as humans. As the female kind. We are accepting our flaws and bringing out our claws!!!

So many woman are turning to spirituality in hopes of regaining their full power & potential, as well as reconnecting themselves to who they truly are! All in hopes to better understand why they are here on this earth.

So many ask where I began in my self discovery journey. Well, I began with breastfeeding, and yoni love. Meaning I spend a far amount of time learning, accepting and fully appreciating my vessel. And my oh my how beautiful it is!!!!!

With each menstrual cycle I am reminded of the magic I truly am. Then once again when my body adjusts to accommodate my milk supply so I am able provide nutrients for my children.

To think, the two can become intertwined. Milk and period blood what?

When we nurse our children our uterus contracts naturally. This can actually be benefical for two things. Shrinking the uterus back down to normal size after birth faster, and clearing out the unfertilized egg after your monthly cycle.

I noticed after becoming a breastfeeding mom, when my period did come back that my cycles were much less painful and lasted shorter durations. One more reason it’s always breastfeeding for the win for me.

My cycle is very sacred to me, as is breastfeeding and pregnancy. They are three things that I am very passionate about and have strived to learn as much as possible about.

I have been helping mom’s through their breastfeeding journeys for 5 years now. And that has brought me tremendous amounts of joy. I very much love seeing those mom’s go on to encourage others to nurse their children as well. It’s a circle of love that is forming around my community and the world.

Nurse all the babies!!

These are things I plan to bring focus back to I’m my work, as many probably remember my sister witch, Laura Beth and I started a local Breastfeeding Support Group on Facebook back 5 years ago. I’ve decided that I have strayed to far from something I love so very much and we will be revamping that group very soon.

If you are interested in topics such as breastfeeding, pregnancy & yoni(vagina) power/knowledge then be sure to follow along.

Its going to be beautiful.

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