Parents of Loss; A Course for Hope & Healing.

Something amazing has happened!!

I have been approved to host an event at Owl & Ivy in Gastonia NC, for Parents of Loss!!! Being a mother who has lost a child this is a course I have been putting together in my head for almost 7 years. If I were any more excited my head might just pop!!!💥💥💥

I dont have all the detail available at the moment, but I wanted to come post and see who locally would be interested in an event like this.

Mothers & Fathers who have experience loss of;




You are welcome!!

A few things you can expect in my course are that we will be telling our stories and talking a lot! There will be many tears, of both happiness and of sorrow. We will meditate together and find comfort in the company of those who understand that kind of pain. More will be discussed at a later time….

I have found a beautiful shop that has an accepting, loving and comfortable environment, where my goal is to provide a sense of hope in these tragic times. To give you a sense of connection when you are feeling most alone.

We are all here for one another and my hopes are to bring us closer and for us to heal together in these heartbreaking times of living in the aftermath of loss.

Follow Cosmic Wisdom to hear more about this course. You can also message me personally if you are interested in being apart of this healing journey.

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