Sacred Times•Divine Flow

It’s that divine time. When I feel so deeply connected to everyone and everything around me. When my manifestations amplify so I should be careful with my thoughts. When I’m moody and emotional and being tested to the core around ever curve. When infinite wisdoms are passed through me, and I feel most vulnerable. When I have been most in tune with my body, a part from pregnancy, that I have ever felt, even at a very young age. And in this state of chaos and beauty there is knowledge and awakening. There is strength in us who connect the physical and the spirit world, there is great sorrow, and there is also victory.

I appalled the womban for all she sacrifices for herself to create, birth, and nurture tiny humans until they may or may not be ready to take the plunge of adulthood themselves. And then we continue to mother and nurture them and just about all others we come in contact with.

There is a gentle manner about us that is also sensual and sexual. Primal and instinctual. In my opinion it is we who are closes to animal, not humans as a whole. We like some animals who still, either consciously or unconsciously recognize that we cycle naturally with the Moon cycles. I mean come on the moon can be a great manifesting tool, how is that not kind of perfect. We house living beings, for pete sake. Oh! And prepare them for life!! Whether you believe in God, a Godddes, many of each or some universal source, its pretty ingenious. And to be perfectly honest, no one could make it without their momma, grandma or some aunt for time to time.

Woman have a way about taking charge and getting the job done one way or the other, when things get really twisted. Men speak of us being overly emotional and sensitive beings but our well thought out, maybe a bit too emotional, possibly irrational scenarios come in handy sometimes. We over think you say, predict many outcomes and be prepared for them or manifest change, to us….or maybe that’s just me but whatever.

All Im saying is, find something that works for you, that makes you comfortable. Because these are sacred times, this is connection to that source, to that God, who blessed the womban kind with such humbling gifts. I’m thankful for my divine flow and I allow myself to be open and receptive to the divine messages that are being passed through me.

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