Stones of the Day; January 25th 2018

I hope you enjoyed my first Stone post, it’s very exciting for me to share something that I’m passionate about, and that I find so much benefit in. I know that someone else will find value in the different properties of all these beautiful stones too.

Again this is a collective stone reading, and after I explain the stones I will talk a little more about what I feel from these stones when opening myself up and allowing the energies to flow through me.

Todays stones are Tigers Eye and Carnelian. Together these two stones are perfect for moving on from past experiences/traumas and learning to live presently and positively.

Tigers Eyes

Stone varies in colors of brown, red, orange, holds and sometimes blue tints. It is a stone of willpower and self growth.

Associated with Capricorn and the Sun. Of the elements Fire and Earth.

Key points; empowerment, willpower, positive thinking, courage, overactive sex drive, sexual frustration.

Tigers Eye is all about self growth, self acceptance, living presently in life. It brings a sense of mental clarity which provides you with a more structured thought process and mind set, to better the outcome of the situations you are struggling to gain control over. It helps to expel those anxieties and depressive periods that cause the “two steps forward three steps back” feelings. Tigers Eye is just a great mood stabilizing stone all together, another great one for children transitioning or learning emotions.

Tigers Eye is also a protection stone that enhances feelings of courage and your self image. If you’re in the mist of a self or spiritual awakening this is a very handy stone! It is also associated with the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs. Tigers Eye also been known to improve and speed up the healing of bones.


Comes in shades of oranges, reds and sometimes brown’s. It is a stone of stability.

Associated with Cancer, Virgo, Leo and Taurus. Of the planet Mars and the element Fire.

Key points; happiness, self-esteem, rebirth, memory, creativity, and past life recall.

Sometimes when we are healing from the past we have lots of emotions that try to sneak back in. This stone is great when moving through things, it helps to dispel anger, and other intense emotions that are hard to work through. Carnelian will keep your motivation up when you catch yourself being drained by situations or emotions. This stone just keeps you focus and concentrated on the main goal at hand.

Carnelian has also been known to to aid healing in sexual abuse cases, people who have sex additions or low drives and those who suffer with fertility problems. This stone has been known to also treat back problems, arthritis, and depression. It has been found to help regulate the kidneys and improve bone healing. Carnelian has been said to help with the absorption of vitamins and minerals too.

My Intuitive Stone Reading

Together these stone brought me feelings of awareness. I’m feeling people are beginning to realize their true worth and are beginning to release the terrible events and emotions of their past. Some arw still struggling with addictions or taking conrtol of the biggere things in thwir lives. Like health problems thatbrequire diet change or separating themselves from toxic people/environments. Its timw to step out of the darkness, your darkness that you have been creating. Step out, into the light!!! I feel people are beginning to find themself and what they want out of this life. Though many are beginning to acknowledge and accept their whole selves, they are finding their environments are not beneficial to their growth. These stone will aid you in finding all the comfort and compassion within themselves to move forward in their journeys, leaving behind anything that is not beneficial to their growth.

These stone are asking you to trust within yourself. You are enough. Have courage and move forward.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this collective stone reading, or if you would like more information about these stones.

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