Stones Of the Day; January 24th 2018

The stones of the day will represent a collective daily crystal reading. I intuitively choose the gemstones/ crystals and through them I will deliver a message or two and some advice about the situation.

Today I choose three stones, Unakite, Hematite and Turquoise. I will go over each stones properties individually then read them all together.


A green and pink is a stone of nurturing energy!

Associated with Scorpio, of the planet’s Mars and Venus. Fire and Water elements.

Key points; compassion, joy, balance, grounding, heart.

It is a stone of vision, helping to keep balance spiritually. It supports growth and rebirth, making it easier for you to release things that are holding you back. Unakite is a great stone for pregnancy and the reproduction system, it also aids the growth of skin, hair and nails. Over all it is a wonderful stone for physical healing, along with spiritual and mental growth.


A black reflective stone of protection that gives your confidence a jump start.

Associated with Aries and Aquarius. Of the planet Mars, and the elements Fire and Earth.

Key points; confidence, trust, protection, balance, grounding.

Hematite is like a security stone that helps to strengthen your connect with the earth. It is a grounding stone that also protects you. You just feel safer when you have it close. Hematite really help a to keep you level heading, keeping you balances mind, body, and spirit. You just are able to recongize thing for what they are a lot easier. One way is by actually shielding you from negative energies, and preventing you from taking any in.

Hematite is a wonderful stone for the blood system. It also can aid conditions that involve the kidneys, iron levels, spinal issues, anxiety and more….


A blue-green to yellow-grewn stone of purification! This is a master healing stone!!!!

Associated with Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. Of the planet’s Neptune and Venus, and the elements earth, air and fire.

Key points; purification, love, wisdom, positive mind set, physical healing.

This stone can benefit the entire body!! It is one of the most powerful metaphysical stones there is. It’s been use since before that was even a thing too! Mostly associated with Native Americans, to them it can heal just about anything, physical, mental, spiritual. If you know the ancient ways, it is said you can achieve it with this beautiful stone. It has been known to aid in the healing of ailments of the immune, skeletal, waste and respiratory system.

Over all this is a must have stone!! It supports somany different levels of growth and healing. It promotes healthy thoughts and joyous behavior. And with is helping the respiratory system the way it does it makes a great work out or speech stone too.

Over all when I bring all of these stone together or all of you. Im feeling a lot of abuse. A lot of substance, alcohol, food dependency, addiction in general. I’m feeling everyone wanting so badly to get away from it, from those feelings and from seeing and hearing about those things all,the time. Maybe your probably is soda, or stopping at the donut shop on you way to the gym. Everyone has their thing. What they always come back to when they feel like of drain, or unseen and unheard. This stone draw is about healing those parts of you so you can begin to move forward. So if you are having problems in these areas, maybe a small stone purchase can aid your healing and promote a new healthy mind set that supports your individual growth.

I hope this brings you insight where you have been seeking answers. I hope these stones promotes new growth for you in your path, on your journey.

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