Dream Documentation; Release of the Raptors

Sometimes I have such vivid dreams that it feels very very real life.  This is one of those dreams, and I remembered it in such detail that I knew needed to document it.  I hope you enjoy. 

Introduction;  Crowded Stadium

In the early evenings of last night a pack of seven android velociraptors were set free in a small town.  They belonged to a scientist, before something went wrong and they malfunctioned.  The first time I saw them I was completely terrified, though they only surrounded me like playful puppies, just waiting to be pet.  I couldn’t pet them though, I was far too afraid.  Even with their robotic looks they had a way of striking fear into anyone who saw them, except their master that is.  He was very much in love with his creations, and assured everyone of their safety.  They were fascinating to watch, if I must say. 

For the longest time it seemed as if they just wouldn’t leave my side.  Running round and round, bringing natural toys for me to play with them.  It was all too much for me, so I stayed near their master, who I’m guessing you are wonder about by this point.  Well I hate to disappoint, but I never got his name.  I just considered him to be another mad scientist with a dream far to big to be realistic.  I know I was right now. 

The day started in the football stadium of a high school I had never attended.  I didn’t know the halls, or the stair wells.  I didn’t know where the bathrooms were, nor the cafeteria.  I was completely lost, and the worst part I hadn’t been high school age in nearly ten years, why was I even here, and where are my children?  Where is my husband?  I felt completely abandoned, with no memory of how or why I was even here. 

People began to flood the stadium to see the Raptors, at this point I assumed this is why we were all here.  Maybe this was a new invention of this scientist, maybe this is the unveiling of his prize creations.  I just stood staring into the crowd for what seemed like hours, listening to the scientist, let just go ahead and call him Ted.  Ted just kept going on and on about the safety features he had installed.  Going on and on about how they could never disobey him.  “It isn’t in their makeup” he would say.  I’m positive I wasn’t the only one not convinced.  It just wasn’t natural, in any sense. 

It was at that point an excruciatingly high pitched screech took over the intercom of the stadium.  Everyones eyes raised to the screens on each end of the field, except mine.  Still surrounded by, now very alert, slightly frantic robot dinosaurs, I couldn’t take my attention from them.  Nor could the thought escape my mind that they could very easier tear me to shreds, and no one was going to be able to stop them.  They were just too close to me, and they wouldnt go away.  I couldn’t get away.  It was like they imprinted or something.  But, I’m not sure that’s possible, with the fact that they were not real.  Well, they were real enough. 

The screeching went on for a few seconds, though it seemed a lot longer and we all covered our ears.  It was awful.  It made my ears hurt so bad.  The raptors grew anxious for it to stop as well.  Their behavior began to change before my eyes.  I knew something wasn’t right when the ever calm Ted stood to attention, removing his hands from his ears.  I followed his eyes to the sky, where I saw the outline of… something.  I’d never seen anything like it before.  It was quite beautiful.  Blues, greens, purples, the colors were so vivid,  this couldn’t be real life I thought.  And like lightening the colors broke the sky up into shattered pieces.  It was the most magnificent thing I’d ever experienced, unfortunately it was very short lived. 

It was utter chaos from that point on.  The crowd went insane, running, screaming.  Fearing for their lives, it was so frantic that people were literally losing family members as ran for cover.  It was as if the sky was falling on our heads, and there was nothing any of us could do.    
To be continued….

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