A Mindful Gift

🎄The Holidays are here folks!!!!

🎁🎁Gift Idea🎁🎁

Stressful, Fast Paced Life, without time to recharge, most likely you are even having a hard time finding time to get relaxed.  I have the perfect gift!!!  You could even get it for yourself!  A good friend of mine has a beautiful, and talented mother with a background in neuroscience, and psychology.  She brings her knowledge, and experience forward creating a guidebook to help you reprogram your brain, completely setting yourself, and your world up for positive cycles to happen.

 I love the way she found that she could bring her love for the brain, how it functions, and evolves into her life of meditation, life coaching, and more simply just helping others, and living honestly within herself.

So, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a “Mindful” gift this year.  A gift that that you will not only be able to enjoy in the moment, but you’ll be able to bring her wonderful mindfulness tools into your life!!  A what a wonderful thing that would be!!!!

Lost, Found & Rewired 

Mind Tools 

to Shift You from 
Stressed & Frazzled to
Calm & Vital

By Cynthia Dougherty Ph.D.


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