The Spiritual Journey Series; Tell Your Story

Thank you for joining me in telling the stories of you!!  Taking a dive into why you chose this path… Examining your own life path.
Many of us were raised in highly religious families, and we believe that we are spiritual too.  However, as we grow, and begin to experience life as an individual, a sort of new awareness is formed.  We begin to think for ourselves! Our life journey takes off, we learn who we are, we begin to live for us.

In this series we will hear the stories of those who chose more.  Those who thrive for the knowledge of the universe, and the authentic power to live in their own reality each day.  We will cover the beautiful, chaotic, amazing, terrible, rock bottoms, energtic highs, lows of the catastrophic events that set the stages for individual awakenings, and spiritual growth. 

For those who are interested in being featured..

In the first chapter of “The Spiritual Journey” Series  we will be looking into our pasts.  Our childhood, and adolescent years.  Find ourselves within the pieces that were broken away in the “moulding” years.  When did you know you weren’t like the rest? 

You can cover anything at all that will be relevant to your journey.  You can change names if you need, remain anonymous if you with.  It is simple the stories we want to get out. 

Please include at least 4 paragraphs, and answer the specific questions above.  Submit your feature via email. 

I look forward to working with you.

-Aliesha Watson 

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