Water & Fire


Fire & Water

If I told you how chaotic my days really are, you would never believe me..

Sometimes I think there really is like a Watson family curse.  I was always told the Watson family had the worst luck, they really were not lying.  But, Watson, (our last name. That’s what my husband goes by, it started in high school, and stuck)..he married me, and we began a new line of Watson. Let this be in no disrespect to the Watson’s before us, there are many fine people amoung them, but times have changed.  So shall we. Evolving into what the futures needs us to be….

I have no idea where all that really came from..  Eh, you know me though, scatter brained, and following my natural flow.  I suppose it was meant to be said.  Anyways, I’ll start at the top, and give you a little run down of Venna town.  Mhm, she got her own zip code too….LOL

Venna has no sense of time, nor does she care about rules. She is loud, and heavy, literally. She cannot walk softly. Its like I have actual animals in my house everyday, until she just crashes of exhaustion. Ya know because she is obviously too grown for naps…  She is a perfect angel wrapped in…. wrapped in poison ivy. And briers. And if I know my daughter, shes going to rub the dirt in too. Like Shrek once said “Like an onion, there are many layers.” Layer, and layer, and layer I have to peal back, and I have to be careful because she is so very sensitive at the same time. Like an angry storm on a rocky sea shore, she comes at me, and in those moments I don’t know what will happen when she gets to me.


She hits me like a bag of..feathers…  Soft, and loving. Sweet, and pure.  Now here I’ve been slammed to a fleeting stop, expecting screams, cries, and crashes only to receive the most loving, affectionate cuddles. And I want to cry because I thought about all those negative things first. I thoughts about all what ifs, having all those expectations that just..aren’t.  Because she really is this perfect angel. She is just a little rough around the edges.

Venna has no structure, everything is on Venna time. You remember the Queen of Hearts? Well, same thing, except all things here are Venna’s way. She thinks.  I guess about now you are wonder why this is titled Smoke; Fire & Water.  Well that’s because Venna is prominently water, and fire signs, and those two elements make smoke. Which is much like Venna.  Only sometimes is calm, and rather peaceful, like sage, or an incense burning.  Oh, but there are other times when it burns like water on a grease fire, engulfing everything around it.  Always beautiful, but if you come in unaware, she can change that really fast.

Its this independence, this sense of actually being, that she has about her.  She is powerful, intuitive, and incredibly instinctual.  She drives you insane in every way possible. Scares you in ways you didn’t realize could be scary, and fascinates you in every way universally achievable.  She is magic.  She carries with her the tranquility of the sea, and the explosive terror of a volcano. She is Water, and Fire.


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